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ALL MEETINGS ARE THE SECOND THURSDAY OF EVERY OTHER MONTH(JAN,MAR,MAY,JULY,SEPT,NOV) AT 7PM. The Janurary, March and November meetings are held at the  VETERAN TOWN HALL CORNER OF JOHNSON HOLLOW RD & ROUTE 14 MILLPORT NY. The May, July and September meetings are held at the Veteran Grange 1108, 777 Ridge Rd Horseheads NY.
Here are the meetings scheduled for 2021
November 12th

November 12th 

Town of Veteran Historical Society
Meeting Minutes
9 September 2021
Date: Thursday September 9, 2021

Present: (13) Gloria Campbell, Dick & Jean Coon, Steve & Connie Fieno, Michael Grow, Anita Hesser, Shirley Lant, Marlene Little,
Shelby Martin, Bonnie Rodabaugh, Roberta Sahlberg & Jean Seymour
Members Joining (0); renewing  (1) their dues: Roberta Sahlberg
Reading of the last meeting minutes
A quorum was established - meeting began at 7:00 p.m., held at Veteran Grange
Treasurer's report: provided by Rick Smith.  Current balance: $19, 197.58.  We took in $500.00
New Business: 

1) Marlene reported that Kelly at "Can Do" would like society members to come in & introduce themselves to her when

dropping off cans / bottles.  Gloria has taken over bottles / cans. 


2) Gloria reported Rick continues working with the lawyer on the building paperwork. 


3) Anita reported on fund raising.  There are 32 tables reserved at this time.  Thus far we have made a profit

of over $500.00.  We can begin setting up at 9:00 am on Saturday November 20th. 


4) Gloria reported on the newest additions to the societies holdings: 1) 12 gal. Stoneware Crock (2) Hand made sleigh replica

(3) Erie Lackawanna train engine replica (4) 2 old sepia tone photos of Henry & Cynthia Frazer (5) 1894 copy of "Presidents, Soldiers & Statesmen" 1776-1894.


5) Gloria reported that Tim continues work on the Anniversary book project.  He has updated the population statistics portion. 

He is planing on getting the committee together in early 2022 to complete other aspects of the project. 


6) Marlene mentioned she & Rick met at the Vary cemetery with regard to the headstones forms Rick made.  As this project comes along we

will need to have forms, etc. in place to document everything. Marlenes stated she is working on a certificate to send to those who will be

sponsors of stones.  The plan is to do only the cemeteries we currently take care of.  If this project is successful we would then consider doing

this for the other cemeteries, beginning with the Military stones first. 

Parsons, Turner / Crandall & Green Bently cemeteries have all been cleaned & look great. 


7) The Grange chicken BBQ to be held Sunday September 19th was mentioned.  It will be 10 am til sold out.  Price for the meal is $10.00. 

The meal consists of 1/2 chicken, salt potatoes, roll w / butter & choice of baked beans or Cole slaw. 


Speaker / Presenter: none scheduled for this meeting


Date / Time of next meeting: Thursday November 11, 2011 @ 7 pm at Veteran Town Hall


Adjourment / motion & second: Motion to adjourn made by Jean Coon, 2nd by Roberta Sahlberg


Submitted by:  Shirley Lant


Transcribed to site: TR 











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