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ALL MEETINGS ARE THE SECOND THURSDAY OF EVERY OTHER MONTH(JAN,MAR,MAY,JULY,SEPT,NOV) AT 7PM. The Janurary, March and November meetings are held at the  VETERAN TOWN HALL CORNER OF JOHNSON HOLLOW RD & ROUTE 14 MILLPORT NY. The May, July and September meetings are held at the Veteran Grange 1108, 777 Ridge Rd Horseheads NY.
Here are the meetings scheduled for 2021:
September 9th
November 12th

November 12th 

 Town of Veteran Historical Society
Meeting Minutes
08 July 2021

Date: Thursday July 8, 2021


Present: (10) Gloria Campbell, Rick Smith, Tim Rodabaugh, Jean & Dick Coon, Roberta Sahlberg, Marlene Little, Steve Fieno,

Shirley Lant & Anita Hesser



Members Joining (0) none; renewing (1) Doreen Hartman


Reading of the last minutes: Motion to adopt made by Roberta Sahlberg, 2nd by Tim Rodabaugh


A quorum was established at the beginning of the meeting.  Meeting began at 7:00 pm.  Meeting held at Grange building. 


Treasure's Report:  Balance $19, 407.65.  We deposited $793.00 in bottles / cans, dues & memorials.  Motion to accept the 

treasurer's report was made by Steve Fieno, 2nd by Tim Rodabaugh


New Business: 

1) Marlene reported on cemeteries.  She suggested we attempt to contract someone to take care of Green Bentley, Turner & Crandall.

Tim has someone he will contact to see if he is interested - he will report at the next meeting.   


2) Gloria reported that Rick had sent the revised resolution to the lawyer.  She asked Rick to follow up with the lawyer. 

Marlene made the suggestion that perhaps the Amish / Mennonite's could be contacted for an estimate on a new roof.  Once

the building paperwork is completed we will begin the grant process for needed repairs. 


3) Steve & Rick have worked on the fence which looks great.  They have 3 to 4 hours of work left then it will be finished. 


4) Anita reported on Fund Raising.  There are 29 tables reserved thus far with hopes for more.  


5) Tim reported on the newest additions to the societies holdings: 1) An antique seed broadcaster & bag 2) An antique

International Harvester horse drawn mower & 3) A postcard watercolor done by Talitha Botsford.  


6) Rick reported on the tombstone holders he is making.  They are being used to set old headstones back upright.  He had

photos of them for all to see.  This costs $20.00 for each one.  Gloria would like to see this be a project whereby


people could "adopt" a grave / marker for a Military Veteran, etc. We would create a log with the person who adopted


a certain stone & they would receive a certificate of thanks.  Tim suggested Jeff Murray with the Elmira Star Gazette


might do a story on this project which would give the society some publicity.   


7) Gloria would like the Town of Veteran & Village of Millport upcoming anniversaries project to be chaired by Tim. 

Anyone interested in assisting please let Tim know.  This is something which has a deadline as both the


town & village celebrate their anniversaries in 2023.   


8) Marlene donated 2 plant hangers for the Geraniums out front.  


Speaker / Presenter: none for this meeting


Date / time of next meeting: Thursday September 9, 2021 @ 7pm at Veteran Grange


Adjournment / motion & second: Motion to adjourn made by Jean Coon, 2nd by Marlene Little


Submitted by: Shirley Lant, Secretary


TR transcribed to site












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