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Here is the meeting schedule for 2023:
November 16 - Veteran Town Hall 

November 12th 

Town of Veteran Historical Society

Meeting Minutes
 21 September 2023


Date: Thursday, September 21, 2023

Present: (12) Anne & Tim Rodabaugh, Anita Hesser, Gloria Campbell, Joanne Ripley,
Carol Maye, Shirley Lant, Jean Seymour, Mary Johnson, Linda Burke, Mary Mower & Lisa Wood 
Members Joining (2) Lisa Wood & Mary Mower; renewing (0) their dues: none at this time. 
Reading of the last meeting minutes: motion to adopt made by Anita Hesser,
2nd by Tim Rodabaugh
A quorum was established - meeting began at 7:00 p.m., held at Museum / Veteran Grange

Treasurer's report: Gloria presented the report in Rick's absence.  July expenses:
$412.00, income: $1298.45.  August expenses: $66.00, income: $382.00.  Balance in account: $21,605.76 

Old Business: none
New Business:

1) At the January 2024 meeting we will be selecting a new board member as well as a 

Cemetery committee chairperson.  Everyone is asked to think whom you might like to see

in these positions.  Gloria reviewed the by-laws with regard to responsibilities for

each office. 


2) Membership committee: Shirley reported 2 new members.  The membership listing will

be updated.   


3) Anniversary Book committee: Tim reported the committee has met 32 times this year.

After many months of work the book is at the printers & we are awaiting a 2nd proof.

Once that is done it will go to print.  A sample of the front cover was displayed

for all to see.  The amount of books (50,75,100) was discussed & we will get that

information from the printer with regard to the cost to us.  The price we will charge

will be decided once we know our cost.  We have the option of ordering more books

as we need them.  This book is the societies offering in honor of the towns 200th

anniversary & will be something we can all be proud of. 


4) Fund Raising committee: Anita contacted Doug's Fish Fry & was told our check

would be coming.  We talked about doing this again on June 14, 2024 at the same

location.  Sales of quilt raffle tickets is $1045.00.  Anita is planning on making

another quilt to raffle next year.  There are currently 25 tables sold for the 

November 4th Craft Fair.  Anita had a sign up sheet for volunteers to assist at the

Craft Fair & several people signed up.  We will keep most of the prices of our 

baked goods the same, with only a few being changed.  Our Can-Do fundraiser was

discussed.  Tim questioned if we should pull our bin from there as we have had

difficulty getting paid from them.  Gloria suggested that members drop their cans/

bottles off at the museum bin & we take them from there.  Tim will keep an eye on

the Can-Do bin.   


5) Building committee: Tim is going to get an additional estimate on the bathroom renovation,

as well as the installation of the hot water heater. 


6) Tim has been in contact with Lawana Morse, our county legislative rep., 

with regard to grants & other available money.  Anyone who is able to help

with grants is encouraged to contact us. 


7) Mary Mower from Pine Valley asked if we would visit her home as she has

set up a display area specific to Pine Valley.  We will contact her to visit. 


Speaker / Presenter: none scheduled for this meeting 

Date / Time of next meeting: Thursday November 16, 2023 @ 7 pm at Veteran Town Hall 

Adjourment / motion & second: Motion to adjourn made by Joanne Ripley; 2nd by Jean Seymour

Submitted by:  Shirley Lant, Secretary


Transcribed to site: TR 











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