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MARCH 21, 2024 - Veteran Town Hall 7pm
Hope to see you there!
Town of Veteran Historical Society
Meeting Minutes 1/18/2024
Date: 7:00 pm, Thursday January 18, 2024


Present: (10) Tim Rodabaugh, Jean Seymour, Anita Hesser, Joanne Ripley, Shirley Lant, Gloria Campbell, Ray Benjamin, Steve Fieno, Leonard Kemerer & Fran Henke

 Members Joining (1) Leonard Kememer; renewing their dues (7): Dorothy Devendorf, Joan O'Dell, Jean Seymour, Steve & Connie Fieno, Ray Benjamin & Fran Henke

 Meeting held at Veteran Town Hall at 7:00 pm. We have a quorum.

  Reading of the last meeting minutes: Motion to adopt made by: Joanne Ripley; 2nd by Tim Rodabaugh

 Treasurer's Report: Balance in account: $27,867.78. The report was read by Gloria Campbell. November beginning balance: $24,679.96; Expenses $101.28, Income: $5,359.90. December beginning balance $29,935.58; Expenses $3,013.20, Income: $945.00.

 New Business:

1) Our first order of business was hearing nominations for the open Executive Officer at large. Jean Seymour was the only person nominated; she was unanimously voted in by the members in attendance to fill this position. Thank you, Jean!


2) Membership Commitee report: Shirley reported we have a new member as of tonight - Leonard Kemerer. He is the Millport Village Historian. Welcome Leonard! We also had 7 members renew their 2024 dues.


3) Cemetery Committee report: Gloria reported we will continue cemetery maintenance as we have been. The cemeteries look really nice at this time of year.


4) Anniversary Book committee report: Tim reported we have 30 books left from the second printing. They are available at Millport Landing, The Horseheads Historical Society "Depot" or through us. We've been hearing nice things about our book.


5) Building Committee report: Ray reported on the progress of the renovation of the bathroom. He also made some good recommendations & suggestions on updating electric & plumbing.


6) Fund Raising Committee report: Anita reported we are all set for this year's Craft Fair & Doug's Fish Fry. She told about a couple of new ideas for fund raising. One being shelf sitters, the other potholders or tea towels with a recipe on one side & our logo on the other. She may be able to get sample of both so will continue to report on these new ideas at upcoming meetings. Anita is also making another quilt to raffle off this year.


Speaker / Presenter: none scheduled for this meeting.


Date / Time of next meeting: Thursday March 21, 2024 @ 7 pm at Veteran Town Hall.


Adjournment / motion & second: Motion to adjourn made by Joanne Ripley; 2nd by Ray Benjamin

 Submitted by: Shirley Lant, Secretary






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