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ALL MEETINGS ARE THE SECOND THURSDAY OF EVERY OTHER MONTH(JAN,MAR,MAY,JULY,SEPT,NOV) AT 7PM. The Janurary, March and November meetings are held at the  VETERAN TOWN HALL CORNER OF JOHNSON HOLLOW RD & ROUTE 14 MILLPORT NY. The May, July and September meetings are held at the Veteran Grange 1108, 777 Ridge Rd Horseheads NY.
Here are the meetings scheduled for 2021:
July 8th
September 9th
November 12th

November 12th 

 Town of Veteran Historical Society
Meeting Minutes
13 May 2021 

Date: Thursday May 13, 2021


Present: (13) Gloria Campbell, Rick Smith, Tim Rodabaugh, Jean Seymour, Jean & Dick Coon, 

Roberta Sahlberg, Marlene Little, Lonell & Mary Johnson, Steve Fieno, Joan O'Dell and Shirley Lant



Members Joining (1) Sharon Keough; renewing (2) Dick & Jean Coon


Reading of the last minutes: Motion to accept made by Tim Rodabaugh, 2nd by Steve Fieno


A quorum was established at the beginning of the meeting.  Meeting began at 7:00 pm.  Meeting held at Grange building. 


Treasure's Report:  Balance $18, 614.65.  We received $250 in donations in Bev Benjamin's name.  Motion to accept the 

treasurer's report was made by Jean Coon, 2nd by Roberta Sahlberg.


Old Business:  

1) Gloria talked about the information she submitted for the National Study with regard to the Finger Lakes region. 


New Business: 

1) Welcome new member Sharon Keough


2) Marlene talked about the cemeteries.  Turner / Crandall will need to be cleaned out.  Greene Bentley looks good, a 

tree that came down was taken care of.  Rocky Rumsey continues to mow in front of the stones.  Parsons is set to be

mowed in the next week or so.  Marlene will put feelers out for volunteer assistance. 


3) There has been no word on the status of the paperwork for the Grange building. 


4) Steve reported he has checked prices for the fence.  It will be around $600 & the society will cover this. 

All in attendance okayed the purchase as it is over our normal approval limit. 


5) Rick has donated a larger mailbox for use at the Grange. 


6) Gloria mentioned we are still getting garbage mixed in with the cans & bottles.  Can & bottles need to be in bags, not left 

loose in the bin.  Ray at Can Do has asked that we place our cans & bottles in our bin out front - one of his staff empties

all of the bins out front each week. 


7) The Craft Fair is in full swing.  Anita reports 13 tables sold.  She will be in contact with the Legion to determine how many

tables are allowed.  We will still follow any applicable Covid rules that are in place at the time of the Craft Fair. 


8) We recevied a thank you from the Schuyler Co. Historical Society for the gift of the bridge blueprint. 


9) A donation appeal for the society & a possible Ginger Bread house competition were both discussesd. 

More on them to come at future meetings. 


10) The 200th Anniversay of Veteran  & the 150th Anniversary of the village of Millport were both discussed. 

Lots of good ideas were presented; Gloria would like to see a committee organized for this project. 


11) Jean Boor donated a hand made cradle to the society. 


Speaker / Presenter: none for this meeting


Date / time of next meeting: Thursday July 8, 2021 @ 7pm a the Grange


Adjournment / motion & second: Motion to adjourn made by Jean Coon, 2nd by Roberta Sahlberg


Submitted by: Shirley Lant, Secretary


TR transcribed to site












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