2019 Grange Display at the Town Hall
The Sullivanville & Veteran Granges

Here are the meetings scheduled for 2020:
March 12th at the Town Hall
May 14th at Veteran Grange
July 9th at Veteran Grange
September 10th at Veteran Grange
November 12th at the Town Hall 




We encourage & welcome new members at any time.
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Our Ongoing Fund Raiser for cans / bottles: 
The collection bin is set up at the Grange Hall located at 777 Ridge Road.  Just drop off your
cans / bottles & we will take them back to "Can Do" where they give us 7 cents per container. 
You can also take them back to a location of your choice if you prefer.
If you take them to "Can Do" please remember to mention that they are for the Town of
Veteran Historical Society.  "Can Do" is located at 111 Ridge Road directly across from the
Ridge Road Elementary School.  Their current hours of operation are Monday through
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm.   
 If you have any suggestions or ideas for the Society please let any officer know.  We appreciate all feedback.   




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Minute man by George Acker