2019 Grange Display at the Town Hall
The Sullivanville & Veteran Granges

 Please join us in "Keeping the Past Present"
We encourage & welcome new members at any time 
**Mary Mower will present a power point presentation on one of our own - Talitha Botsford - at the March 14, 2019 meeting.   
Everyone is welcome to attend.  Mary has undertaken a project to document Talitha's many accomplishments including her
artistry, musicianship etc.  She has started a book with many newspaper clippings.  This will be at the March 14th meeting
for all to see. 
Remember our ongoing fund raiser. Take your cans & bottles back then donate the money to the Town of
Veteran Historical ociety. We appreciate any little bit that is donated as our goal is to be able to have a museum
some day.  Remember if you take your cans & bottles to the "Can Do" Redemption Center on the Ridge Road
across from the school they will give us  7 cents per can / bottle.  Just tell them you are with the Town of 
Veteran Historical Society.   
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the September Craft / Bake / Vendor sale please let Anita Hesser,
Fund Raiser Chair  or another officer know.  We appreciate all feedback.   
Thank you to Steve Fieno, my 10 year old grandson Aaron & Tim Rodabaugh
for cleaning up the porticos. We have 2 glass small & one large carved along
with posts with carved tops. They are safely stored & now can’t wait for a
building to display! Thanks again guys!  Gloria Campbell/President
(couldn't get the two bottom photos to change to potrait view - sorry TR) 
A big Thank You to all of the volunteers who helped that cold night to "rescue"
these from the porch of the old house on Maple Street.   Tim

Antique Wooden Clamp



Town of Veteran logo
Minute man by George Acker