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Article 1


 Section 1.01 

Purposes:  As set forth in the Charter, the Town of Veteran Historical Society is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. These purposes include:


To encourage and disseminate a greater knowledge of the history of the state of New York and particularly the area known as the Town of Veteran. To maintain, preserve and make available to the public the appropriate collection of documents, objects and artifacts relating to The Town of Veteran Historical Society. To acquire by purchase, gift, devise or otherwise the title to or the custody and control of historic objects, sites and structures, and preserve and maintain such objects, sites and structures.


Article 2


Section 2.01

Location:  The principal office of the Town of Veteran Historical Society shall be located within or without the Town of Veteran, (in the county of Chemung) at such place as the Executive Committee shall from time to time designate.

 Article 3


 Section 3.01

Membership shall consist only of the paid members of the Town of Veteran Historical Society, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national/ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or with regard to the bases outlined in the Veterans
Readjustment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Membership shall be accompanied by dues as specified herein



Section 3.02


 The amount of the annual member dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

Dues shall be payable by January 1.

Dues will consist of three (3) types:

1) Regular single yearly membership

2) Single Life Membership

3) Family (Couple/Partner)(Living under one Roof) Life Membership

 Article 4

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall consist of (at least) the President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and Three Members at Large (and must be members in good standing of the Town of Veteran Historical Society.)

 Section 4.01

The Executive Committee is responsible for overall policy and direction of the Society, and will delegate responsibility for day-to-day operations of the Society.  The committee shall have up to seven (7) and not fewer than five (5) members. The committee receives no compensation other than reasonable expenses. (Changes 5/14/15 as per accepted amendment)


Section 4.02



 The Executive Committee shall meet at least 1 time per year at an agreed upon time and place.

An official meeting requires that each Committee member have written notice at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.


Section 4.03

Special Meetings


 Special meetings of the executive committee shall be called upon the request of the President or one-third of the Executive committee. Notices of special meetings shall be sent out by the Secretary to each Executive member postmarked two weeks in advance.

 Section 4.04


 Election of new committee members or election of current members, to a second term, shall occur as the first item of business at the annual meeting of the Society. Nominations may be received from the paid members by the Secretary in advance of a regular scheduled meeting. These nominations shall be presented to the paid members of the Society to be voted upon (at the annual meeting). Committee members will be elected by a majority vote of the current paid membership (attending the meeting). Each attending paid member shall have one personal vote and no proxy shall be allowed.

 Section 4.05

Terms of Office

 All Executive Committee members shall serve a 2 year term, but are eligible for re-election for another 2 year term. At least 1year break in office shall apply before a third term.


Vacancies shall be filled by majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive committee for the unexpired term.  If a committee member is elected to fill a vacancy it will be for the unexpired term of the office.

A committee member may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive committee, at any regularly scheduled or special meeting of the Society, whenever in its judgment the best interests of the Society would be served thereby.

A committee member may resign at any time by giving notice in writing to the Executive Committee.

 Section 4.06


 A quorum will consist of (a majority of Executive Committee Members) at least four (4) Executive Committee Members.


A quorum must be in attendance before business can be transacted or motions made or passed

Section 4.07


 Each Executive Committee member is expected to communicate with the Executive Committee in advance of all meetings stating whether or not s/he is able to attend or participate in the meetings.  Any Executive member who is absent from three unexcused successive meetings or fails to participate for a full year shall be deemed to have resigned due to non-participation, and his/her position shall be declared vacant.

Article 5

Officers and Duties

 There shall be 4 officers in the Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, secretary and Treasurer.  Their duties are as follows:

 The President shall convene regularly scheduled Society meetings, and shall preside or arrange for other members of the Executive committee to preside at each meeting in the following order: Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

 The Vice-President will act as Auditor, chair committees on special subjects and take over the President duties if warranted.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate records, overseeing the taking of minutes at all meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each member, and assuring that records are maintained. Keeping a record of members in attendance at each meeting, collecting membership dues and distributing membership cards.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for safekeeping of the Town of Veteran Historical Society funds, including ensuring all appropriate fiscal records are kept and ensuring that all funds are recorded, spent and monitored consistent with funder requirements, legal requirements, and sound financial management. Monies shall be paid out by numbered checks signed by the treasurer, drawn on a reliable banking company. The Treasurer shall make a financial report at each meeting and open the books for audit by the Vice President before the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee.


Article 6


 The Executive Committee may create committees as needed, such as fundraising, housing, etc.  The President appoints all committee chairs as directed by the membership.

 Section 6.01

Finance committee

 The treasurer is chair of the Finance committee, which includes three other committee members. The finance committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, a fundraising plan, and annual budget. The Executive committee must approve the budget, and all expenditures must be within the budget. Any major change in the budget must be approved by the Society or the Executive committee.  The fiscal year shall be the calendar year. Annual reports are required to be submitted to the Society showing income, expenditures and pending income. The financial records of the organization are public information and shall be made available to the membership, Executive committee members and the public.

 Section 6.02

Program and Membership Committee.

 The Program and Membership committee is responsible for arranging suitable programs; for setting time, place and date of programs and volunteer projects. The committee is also responsible for membership drives, processing new and renewal membership, maintaining contact with the membership regarding their membership status and depositing dues received


Section 6.03

Historic Sites Committee

The Historic Sites Committee of Historians will be appointed by the President.

 The Historians will be responsible for establishing the historic validity for sites proposed for marking; for marking historic sites; for arranging tours of the sites.


Section 6.04

Other Committees

 Other committees, standing or special may be appointed by the (The Executive Committee) President as directed by the membership of the Society or Executive Committee.  Such committees shall have the power and duties designated by the Executive Committee and shall give advice and make non-binding recommendations to the Society.


Section 7

Parliamentary Authority


Section 7.01

The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of the Town of Veteran Historical Society except in such cases as are governed by the constitution or the bylaws.

 Section 7.02

Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President, or by (a majority) two-thirds of the Executive Committee.

Section 7.03

The fiscal year of the Society shall be the calendar year or such other period as may be fixed by the Executive Committee.

 Section 7.04

Contracts and Other documents


 The Executive Committee may authorize the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to enter into contracts or to execute and deliver other documents and instruments on the Society’s behalf.  Such authority may be invested in other officers or agents of the Society from time to time for specific purposes.

 Section 7.05


The Executive Committee may authorize the Historians, as well as the Executive Committee to accept on behalf of the Society any contribution, gift, bequest, or devise for the purpose of The Town of Veteran Historical Society.

 Section 7.07


 All funds of the Society shall be deposited to the credit of the Society in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as the Executive committee may from time to time select.


Section 7.08

Books and Records to be Kept

 The Town of Veteran Historical Society shall keep correct and complete books and records of account, minutes of the proceedings of the Society and any committee having any of the authority of the Executive committee, and a record of the names and addresses of the Society members entitled to vote.  All books and records of the Society may be inspected by any member having voting rights or his/her legal agent or attorney, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

 Section 7.09

Amendments of Articles and Bylaws

 These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the membership by a two-thirds vote of those voting, provided notice was given at least one month in advance.  The wording of the proposed amendment shall be included in the notice.

 Section 7.10

Indemnification and Insurance

 Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the Town of Veteran Historical Society shall indemnify any Executive Committee member, any former Executive Committee member, any person who may have served at its request as a Executive Committee member, whether for-profit or Not-for-profit, and may, by resolution of the Executive Committee, indemnify any member against any and all expenses and liabilities actually and necessarily incurred by him/her or imposed on him/her in connection with any claim, action, suit, or preceding ( whether actual or threatened, civil, criminal, administrative, or investigative, including appeals) to which s/he may be or is made a party by reason of being or having been such officer, or member: subject to the limitation, however, shall be adjudged in such claim, action, suit, or proceeding to be guilty of a criminal offense or liable to the Society for damages arising out of his/her  own negligence or misconduct in performance of a duty to the Society.(A Executive Committee member can obtain his/her own insurance)

  1. The provisions of this Article shall be applicable to claims, actions, suits or proceedings made or commenced after the adoption hereof, whether arising from acts or omissions to act occurring before or after adoption hereof.

  2. The indemnification provided by this Article shall not be deemed exclusive to any other rights to which such officer, or member may be entitled under any statute, Bylaw, Agreement, vote of the Executive Committee , or otherwise and shall not restrict the power of the Society to make any indemnification permitted by law.

  3. (Protection of bylaws from suit) If any part of this Article shall be found in any action, suit, or proceeding to be invalid or ineffective, the validity and the effectiveness of the remaining parts shall not be affected.


    Section 7.11



    Upon the dissolution of the Town of Veteran Historical Society, any assets remaining after the payment of debts and other liabilities shall be distributed to other not for profit Historical organizations that are exempt under the provisions of section 501c (3) of the IRS Code.



    These Bylaws were approved at a meeting of the Executive committee of The Town of Veteran Historical Society on ____________, 2013









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