Our Charter

Our main reason for wishing to form a historical society was to insure the history of the Town of Veteran - past, present and future, is preserved & promoted.  We started out slowly & with a few members but as more people become involved we hope to continue to grow. 
Several people have donated items over the year so our collection continues to grow.  We wish to encourage everyone to continue to look in your garages, attics, etc. for old maps, books, etc. which you may wish to donate or loan.  Many times items are also found in barns & cellars squirreled away in out of the way places.  Some of the items you may find are one of a kind & therefore are not easily replaced or duplicated. 

History of Our Society

The Town of Veteran Historical Society was formed in early 2006, with Bob Roemmelt, Tim Rodabaugh & Rick Smith being the initial members.  The Town Historians, Tim Rodabaugh & Rick Smith wanted to ensure that a society was formed & available for townsfolk & anyone else interested to take part in preserving our towns history.  Our first meeting took place Saturday January 13, 2007 at the Veteran Grange. 
The Town of Veteran Historical Society became a Chartered organization in April 2015 and a 501c3 tax exempt organization in June 2016.
Our current officers are:
Gloria Campbell - President
Tim Rodabaugh - Vice President
Secretary - Shirley Lant
Treasurer - Rick Smith

Current Officers are: 
President: Gloria Campbell
Vice President: Tim Rodabaugh
Treasurer: Rick Smith
Secretary: Shirley Lant
Board Members are:
Anita Hesser
JoAnn Ripley
Steve Fieno