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Happy New Year 2019

Greetings from the Town of Veteran Historical Society.
The Town of Veteran Historical Society has made great accomplishments in the past year, all thanks to the dedicated volunteer members who continue to participate in the Society's work.
Fund raising is our only source of income at this time and thanks to our Fundraising Chairman, Anita Hesser we continue to thrive. Our bake sale was a huge success for the month of December even though our November bake sale got canceled due to inclement weather. Our dedicated bakers not only baked for the November sale which was canceled but turned around and baked the beginning of December to make sure our sale was a success with pies, cookies, breads and all kinds of delights!. We always need volunteer bakers and helpers. In May we had our first ever Craft Fair at the Horseheads Grange on the Ridge Rd. Horseheads. What a success it was, and a real learning experience. We plan to have another one in September 2019. Keep watching the web site for dates and we appreciate any crafters who would like to participate. Please contact Anita Hesser if any crafters out there would like to reserve a booth.

We continue to sell our cookbooks, throws, hats, and Christmas ornaments. Our ongoing can and bottle return helps bring money in. We ask that you return your cans and bottles to the "Can Do" recycle center across from Ridge Rd School, they give us $.07 per can. You can collect the money and donate it to the Society. Send us a check or bring the money to the next meeting. Help us to continue our goals and help the environment at the same time.

We have made great progress in our goals to better The Town of Veteran Historical Society. As most of you know we are a 501C tax exempt organization. The volunteer members have worked long and hard to reach this goal. We always need your help. You can donate to the Society, money or artifacts pertaining to our town and get a tax deduction. Our area is the Town of Veteran, which includes Millport, Pine Valley and Sullivanville. We would love you to share old pictures, artifacts or stories pertaining to our area and moneyed items would now be tax deductible for you the donor. We would love to have old pictures of the businesses that were once prosperous in our area.
We are actively working on our dream of a museum to house our many artifacts since we are now a recognized organization. We hope you will become involved in making this a reality.We have established a Building Committee to diligently work towards this goal.

We were disappointed to learn that we did not get the grant we applied for from the Community Foundation. This did not dampen our spirit, however and the Building Committee and the dedicated active members are still working hard towards our dream of a Museum. Any member with grant experience, or ideas please let us know about them. Please share your expertise so we can continue to "Keep the Past Present".

Our ongoing Cemetery Projects are doing great. Our cemeteries, not recognized by the town look fantastic, all due to the dedicated volunteers who weed whack, rake and haul brush so we can continue to honor our past residents and honor our military. We also helped two of our Active Association cemeteries, to keep all in our area looking good. This is a great project to get involved in. Anyone with Boy or Girl Scout troops or 4-H groups, all help is needed and appreciated and it is a great community service. Our new schedule is 5/4, 6/15, 8/24, 9/21 and 10/19/2019. Please check our website for which cemetery will be done when.

You may now be a life member or a family life member for a fee of $100 for an individual or $150 per couple/family under one roof. You may still be a regular member for just $10 per year. Also available now are Gift Memberships, if you would like to give a gift of membership to a friend or loved one please contact the Society. This new Life Member policy will help to eliminate mailing and will save the TOVHS money in reminder mailings. Please be sure to update your information with us, so we can keep you informed as to our activities. We would love to have new members or our regular members become life partners in our Society. Dues are due by December of each year.
Remember we depend on members to help with our fund raising, planning, brainstorming, and volunteering and to attend our meetings. Please put the 2nd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November on your calendars and join us in helping to "Keep the Past Present".

I would like to congratulate our newly elected Executive Committee Member at Large of the Town of Veteran Historical Society, Steve Fieno. Thank you for your continued support.

Please check our website for updated meeting minutes and for upcoming events. www.townofveteranhistoricalsociety.com Become a member today! It is only $10 per year due by December of each year or now become a new life member. Just email us at veteranny@yahoo.com or if you have any questions please write us at Town of Veteran Historical Society 777 Ridge Rd Horseheads NY 14845 or feel free to call me at 607-739-0753.
Have a great 2019!

Gloria Campbell/President


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