We ask that dues be paid by January 1st of each year; you may however renew earlier.  Should you wish you may also renew for more than one year at a time.  We follow this format as it makes it easier for the society to update records, plus many other societies are now using this format as well.  
**Dues should be given to the Secretary so a record of payment can be made & a membership card given to you.  The Secretary will in turn give the money to the Treasurer for deposit. 

Dues may be paid by:
(1) Mailing them to the Town of Veteran Historical Society, P.O. Box 134, Millport, NY 14864
(2) Bringing them with you to the January meeting.
New members are always appreciated. The Society needs volunteers and members and we hope that you will consider joining us and become a member today!


In this area, I might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.